Pack Pup!

Here at pack pups we make your pup the main focus. We form small groups to meet your individual pups needs and wants. And do individual training to build your pups confidence. We Service Temescal, Rockridge, Elmwood Piedmont, Pill Hill and Central Berkley

We are a fully insured business
CPR and dog first aid certified
EBRPD permitted  for off leash pack hikes


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Core Values

Part Of the Family

We know your dog is a big part of your family and we hope to make them a big part of our pack pup family also. Have your pup join the pack that fits.

More than just a hike

Every hike is an opportunity for your dog to have a enriched social experience with other pups that fit their individual social dynamic. That is why we focus on creating  small “packs” of pups that bond with each other to create an enjoyable experience while out on the trail

Positive Reinforcement 

We only use positive Reinforcement practices while working with your dog. We believe that harsh training techniques set a dog up for failure in the long run.

What’s a Pack hike?

We form small packs from 3 to 6 pups that work well with each other. So everyone doesn’t just get an on leash hike experience, they get an experience where they get to run around and play with their friends. While also learning how to play safely with commands and recall.


Meet & Greet

This is the first step in making your dog a PackPup! This is an opportunity for us to meet and chat about your pups needs.


Pack Hike

One hour on trail pack hike, we often visit Tilden, Sibley,  beaches and Point Isabel. If you have two dogs we offer hikes at $30 per dog.


Train to Trail

We get your pup ready for off leash hikes, we focus on behavioral trainings such as recall so your pup can enjoy the open spaces safely.

Meet the Owner

I’ve always had a passion for animals since I was a little girl. I would constantly ask my mom about getting a new animal to bring into our family. From dogs and cats to turtles, birds, mice and hamsters. When I was 16 I became a service dog trainer and service dog puppy care taker. Where I learned my deep passion for training dogs. When I turned the age of 18 I started working at my local humane society, where I moved to the position of a temperament trainer for new dogs. At the age of 20 I started working with dogs primarily focused on positive reinforcement training methods and doing hike groups. I’ve developed my own training methods and techniques that have proven to be successful with many pups.


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